The Fangover: What's in the Monster Box?; Two Vamps, One Girl; Joe Manganiello's #humblebrag

By Michael Gluckstadt


What goes in the "Monster Box?" Viewers got a kick out of discovering Jessica's belongings this week. We already knew Sookie reads Charlaine Harris novels, but who would have guessed that Jessica reads Twilight? A lot of people, actually. She's also a fan of Taylor Swift, a fact that was revisited later in the episode as the soaring chords of "Haunted" played over Jessica and Jason's tryst in the truck. Rolling Stone reports that the singer herself had a hand in making it happen. As for Jessica, finding no solace from Nan Flanagan, she took to her babyvamp blog to express her thoughts.


"We realized we needed to have a threesome dream," writer Brian Buckner astutely observes in this week's Inside the Episode. "That's where Sookie's mind would be." Sookie was on a lot of people's minds at the moment she proposed making Eric and Bill hers, her name was a worldwide trending topic. EW's recap noted that the scene featured the real Eric and not the amnesiac version that Sookie took in. Stephen Moyer holds out hope that Sookie will return to her first love, so long as the Vampire King of Louisiana does his part. "Bill has to man-up — or rather, vamp-up — and do the right thing."

Elsewhere in the world of 'True Blood,' the war between vampires and witches produces a bloodbath. Joe Manganiello performs a #humblebrag. And Nelsan Ellis tells what it's like to act possessed.

Perhaps most importantly, there are only three episodes left this season:

Some questions to think about in the comments as we head down the stretch:

  • What else would you expect to find in the monster box?
  • Who's got the upper hand in the vampire-witch rivalry?
  • Could Bill and Eric ever share Sookie?