The Fangover: "Best Friends Before Undeads"; Alexander Skarsgård Just Wants to Please the Fans; Another Season in the Works

By Michael Gluckstadt


After giving us a scare last week, Jessica is safe, but finds herself with a different problem on her hands. Hoyt rescinds her invitation to his home after she breaks up with him, and Jason—invoking the old "best friend before undead" rule—does the same. Hoyt's not the over-dependent wimp she imagines he is, and before you can say "virgin for all eternity," the Twitter trending topic "Poor Hoyt" gave way to "Damn Hoyt," as in "damn hoyt you were one nasty cold hearted bastard tonight." On the Inside the Episode video Alan Ball weighs in, calling Hoyt's words "brutal" and wondering if the damage they've done is irreparable.

With nowhere to go, Jessica does what any teenage vampire with nowhere to go might do—she writes a blog post titled, "Nowhere to Go." TV Line wants to know where you stand on the Team Hoyt/Team Jason question, and we can't help but wonder how the results will compare to the show's other vampire-human love triangle (though if you begin to include Alcide and Debbie Pelt, the geometry becomes a little more complicated).

That situation had appeared to sort itself out, though the resolution was short-lived. Eric and Sookie spend just enough time clothed to volunteer to fight with King Bill and have Eric placed under Antonia's spell and Sookie shot. But before that happens, they take a shower and a V-trip together, in which they find themselves in a wintry landscape with strategically placed fur blankets. spoke with Alexander Skarsgård recently, and here's what he had to say about the scene:


“I loved it. It was so beautiful, they tried to recreate a winter landscape up in northern Sweden, and they did an amazing job. It was really special. It was a lot of fun shooting – and quite complicated with wind machines going and fake snow everywhere. It was very technical and kinda tough, but it really was very special. They spent weeks building it, and we spent a day or two shooting it. I’m excited to see it because being there on the day it looked so good. I hope fans like it.”

The shower scene is a reference to one of the most talked-about moments in the books; how did it compare? If you haven't read Dead to the World you can listen to the audio version and judge for yourself, though you may want to plug in a pair of headphones first.

Using V isn't all healing powers and magical lovemaking. There's also a dark side—which Andy Bellefleur knows of all too well. Actor Chris Bauer tells Zap2it that "Andy as a portrait of an addict is pretty accurate." If there is a plus side to Andy's V-use, it might be his coinage of the new catchphrase, "Jesus, tits and God America." Or maybe you prefer Lafayette's three-word aphorism.

In 'True Blood' news, the big story this week is that the show has been picked up for a fifth season. MTV has compiled a list of what they do and don't want to see next year (Pam's turning scene, anyone?), do you agree with their choices? What do you want to see in season five?