The Fangover: More Eric-Sookie Love; @terrysarmadillo; Décor for the Modern Vampire

By Michael Gluckstadt


A lot can happen under the full moon in Bon Temps. Jason Stackhouse gets a little too close to his best friend's girl and is the subject of an Atlantic think piece. A creepy baby with a creepy doll does some creepy things as Terry and Arlene's house burns down to the ground, giving some much needed screen-time to the world's only armadillo with a Twitter account.

But once again, for the second week in a row, most of the buzz is about True Blood's hottest new couple. In the words of one satisfied viewer:


Courtney J. is far from alone—"Sookie and Eric" was a Twitter trending topic across the United States.  EW chimes in that the pairing is even sexier for the fact that Bill knows that it's happening.

In other True Blood news, while his character might be buried below tons of concrete, Denis O'Hare is out and celebrating his marriage to longtime partner Hugo Redwood. Cast members Deborah Ann Woll and Joe Manganiello offered their congratulations. Actor John Burke hasn't weighed in on the nuptials, though he did tell the Awl recently about the art of having your spine ripped out during a newscast.


Lastly, a video slideshow narrated by Suzuki Ingerslev shows how the production designer outfitted Bill's house with décor befitting the modern vampire king.