The Fangover: Supernatural Power Rankings; Jessica the Hunter; and Sookie's Potential Paramours

By Michael Gluckstadt

For most people, there were two ways of reacting to the final moments in this week's episode. Those who'd read the books, or been spoiled by someone who has, may have said, "Finally." And for those coming to the material for the first time, the only thing to say was, "Wha???" Before we get to Eric though, there were quite a few other happenings in the world of True Blood.

There's a battle brewing between the vampires and witches. The shape-shifters have developed a support group and the werepanthers are looking to add to their numbers. Need help keeping track of all the different groups? Rolling Stone's Supernatural Species Power Rankings provide a useful shorthand. This week, it's witches up, werepanthers down.

If the necromancers weren't enough, vampires have another issue to deal with. Because vamps can't be filmed attacking a human, protestors outside Fangtasia have taken to "practicing their constitutional right to be f**king idiots," as Pam not-so-gently puts it. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that some protestors were holding signs reading "Where is Steve Newlin?" A quick visit to confirms that the reverend has gone missing—though a few commenters claim to have spotted him.

On the shifter front, we learned a lot about Sam's new squeeze, Luna. There's more to this school teacher than meets the eye, and then more to her than that. Did you know, for example, that Janina Gavankar's shift of choice is a hummingbird?

On her blog, Jessica responded to some suggestions for how she can better housewife to Hoyt, but is that what she really wants? In the Inside the Episode video, director Scott Winant reveals how he turned Jessica into a hunter.


But what about Eric? has the translation of Marnie's spell. And this preview from the weeks ahead gives us a fair (and frightening) idea of how things might be going. But perhaps most important for Mr. Northman this week is his runaway success in our "Who Do You Want to See Sookie Hook Up With" poll. As many of you pointed out, our description of Eric as "a liar, a scoundrel and a cheat" could apply to some of Sookie's other potential paramours just as aptly, if not more so. Does she share your point of view? Hopefully, we'll find out soon.