The Fangover: Finally!—The Long Awaited Kiss; Godric Trends Worldwide; Vampires at Fox News?

ByMichael Gluckstadt

  • @TrueBloodHBO tonight was amazing!!! To sum it up in one word: FINALLY!!!!! - @SamMacari
  • #trueblood Sookie and Eric are so hott together! This weeks episode was amazing. Can't wait for next Sunday @truebloodhbo - @Koudie
  • just got done watchin @TrueBloodHBO n it was GREAT, im soo happy that Eric n Sookie kissed, now they need to bang n be together, woooooooooo - @BrittanyRanieri
  • SPOILER ALERT #trueblood I keep replaying the sookie and eric kiss in my head over & over. I've been waiting 3 seasons for that! ugh so good - @xsarahdalyx
  • #TrueBlood was amazing last night!!!! Nice Eric and Sookie finally kiss!! Sorry @DSta89 for nearly bursting your ear drum with my screaming. - @chelseabab
  • 15 times and counting!! RT @EricSookieLover: How many times have you rewatched the Eric & Sookie kiss, Eric & Sookie lovers? - @Kym4ever30

There's nothing we can say better than the fans already have. After 40 episodes of denying their interest, seeing other people, and having tantalizing dreams, Eric and Sookie have finally—finally!—given into their passion for each other. They may have kissed before, but never like this.

The band of re-cappers have also all weighed in with their accounts of The Kiss:

  • In a moment that will forever stand in the “True Blood” hall of fame, one heck of a kiss.  – The Examiner
  • Building and building and building and YES! Their first real kiss. (Note: I know they kissed when he thought he was going to die last season, but for me, a "real kiss" needs to begin as mutual not just end as such.) When she wrapped her arms around him, I imagined the internal struggle she had deciding whether to move her hands from around his long sexy neck. And that is when I knew it was time to STOP REWINDING. --  EW
  • This recapper stifled a groan, but then the swelling violins, and oh, what a kiss! Do you hear that, A-Ball? It’s the squeal of fangirls all over the world. Victory is at hand! – Vulture
  • Finally! That only took... what, four seasons? (Still worth it.) The music during this scene really captures the mood of thousands of "True Blood" fans all over the world who are throwing little internal ticker-tape parades. – Salon

Believe it or not, there were some other developments this week. The return of Godric and the trials and tribulations of Jason Stackhouse made both of those characters trend worldwide on Twitter during last night's broadcast. And the disclosure that vampires are now working at Google and Fox News raised some eyebrows.

Jessica returns to her babyvamp vlog, where she tries to occupy her time with memories of her days as a human. Kristin Bauer talks to the Hollywood Reporter about a pissed off Pam. In the Inside the Episode video Daniel Minahan and Mark Hudis discuss working with alligators and fighting one's true nature.

But the other big story this week came from Comic-Con. We've been bringing you dispatches all week with the latest coverage from Eric's bar to his new wardrobe, and the time a woman asked Nelsan Ellis to call her "hooker" in front of a packed crowd. But what has everyone talking is the special trailer for the coming weeks' episodes. It's embedded below, but beware of spoilers (and witches).