The Fangover: Sookie and the Wolf; True Blood Sex Index; A Witch Revealed

By Michael Gluckstadt


"My, what big pecs you have," Sookie all but said as Alcide stripped down to his werewolf attire. Actor Joe Manganiello described shooting the scene to  "It's Alcide and Eric, both naked, screaming at the top of their lungs with Sookie in the middle." As a bonus, the scene was shot on Valentine's Day with live wolves on set, providing some fodder for Alexander Skarsgård to joke with Anna Paquin. But at the end of the day, Joe likes Alcide's chances of landing the flirtatious faerie, telling The Hollywood Reporter that Sookie is really looking for someone  "who has great morals, great values, and also can take her out during the daytime and I think that's interesting -- somebody that can take her to brunch."

An Alcide-Sookie pairing would bring together one of the show's most promiscuous regular characters (4th overall) with one of its least (13th). But don't take our word for it,

New York Magazine's Vulture blog

has charted the many, many different instances and types of sex scenes in True Blood—from Sam and Bill's dreamy encounter in the shower to Jason's, well, most of Jason's time on screen. And in case you were wondering, "sex with Exorcist-style head twisting" is a category all its own.

Some other items of note from this week's episode: No show does music quite like True Blood, so it's always worthwhile to check out the show's music page. Did you know, for example, that the song playing when Sam visits Luna at her home is "Do You Remember" by La Luna? In the Inside the Episode video on, Alan Ball discusses Eric getting high on faerie blood and the crushing low that follows. Pay close attention and he might also reveal the name of a previously untitled character. In Jessica's blog, she considers some of Hoyt's words, which hurt her more than he intended.

Lastly, on a more somber note, this week's episode was dedicated to Jesse Cartwright, a crew member who died earlier this year. To find out more about Jesse and the fund created in his honor, visit


Some questions to consider in the comments:

-          Do you want to see Alcide and Sookie get brunch?

-          What's your favorite True Blood musical moment?

-          Which True Blood sex scene is the most twisted of all?