Who Do You Want to See Sookie Hook Up With This Season?

It's clear after just the first episode that Sookie isn't ready to forgive or forget Bill's betrayal -- and it's probably not going to help matters if she finds out he's become a bigwig in vampire politics. So if a life as Mrs. Compton is off the table, who do you think everybody's favorite bar waitress belongs with?


Tall, dark and handsome much? If Sook can avoid getting murdered by his psychotic ex-girlfriend, this werewolf could be the perfect treatment for a parasitic vampire relationship.


Hell hath no fury like a boss scorned, but it's obvious Sam's feelings for Sookie are still running hot ... just not always in the right direction.


He's a liar, a scoundrel and a cheat. But at least the thousand-year-old Viking is upfront about it. And hey -- he might let her live in her old house rent-free!


The two girls have been friends their whole lives, and now that Tara's cage-fighting for the other team, it could be Sookie's best chance to date somebody who actually understands her.