Where We Left Them

Like every episode of ‘True Blood’ the Season 3 finale ended with plenty of cliffhangers. Now that the Season 4 premiere is finally coming on Sunday, we thought it’d be a good time to look back on where we left everyone:


Sookie Stackhouse

After her nasty breakup with Bill Compton (“Love? You don’t even get to USE that word!”), our heroine made her dramatic exit by disappearing into a ball of shining white light.

Alcide Herveaux

The gruff yet principled werewolf finally cleared his family’s debts with Eric Northman – but that sun-scorched vampire king he buried in one of his clients work sites could turn out to be a liability.

Tara Thornton

Unable to take the constant abuse that Bon Temps always seems to send her way, Tara hit the road, searching for greener pastures. Or at least a reprieve from sociopathic bloodsuckers.

Jason Stackhouse

His possibly inbred sweetheart, the were-panther Crystal, was abducted by her V-crazed cousin/fiancé, which leaves Jason playing house with the feral children of Hot Shot.