The Table Read

By Gianna Sobol



WHERE IT TAKES PLACE: The Conference Room

WHO ATTENDS: HBO executives, True Blood cast members, Alan Ball, Gregg Fienberg, all of the writer/producers, the director of the episode, the script supervisor, casting directors, co-producer Christina Jokanovich, the writer's assistant, the script coordinator, and the editor and assistant editor of the episode

WHAT IT'S ABOUT (according to co-producer Christina Jokanovich): It's an opportunity for the director and the writer and HBO to hear the episode read aloud, because sometimes things play differently spoken versus on the page. It's the last chance for script revisions to be implemented before shooting begins. Sometimes you realize a joke doesn't work or something needs to be clarified, so it's a chance to improve the script. If an actor cannot attend the read, another actor or writer, or even Alan Ball, will fill in and read his or her part, which is always fun (Alan does a mean Lafayette). It's also my favorite part of the process because it's like going to True Blood: The Play... Free theater!