True Blood, A Western?

By Gianna Sobol


Episode 30 Reairs Sunday

"The first scene of this episode, I absolutely loved because I saw it as a western. I'm a great fan of Sergio Leone's films. Director Michael Lehmann had shot all these slo-mos of everyone appearing, coming out from behind the door. So cutting that first scene, that's what I saw – positioning everyone like they do in a big western shoot out. I loved trying to fit everyone into that scene – a lot of looks, as well as the action of him hitting the ceiling. And there were some challenges with that, because the vampires of course always move fast. So it was about how to make sure you're seeing the action and getting the reactions. I love that it was funny as well, that Sookie and Talbot are both screaming as Bill hits the ceiling, but for different reasons. And Charles Bunn, my assistant editor, absolutely backed me up and did the most amazing job on that. He hit all the cuts with this sort of impact, it just really added to the whole experience of that scene. It worked really, really well."

-Louise Innes, Editor