Remembering Season 3: Ruby Jean

By Gianna Sobol


"The stuff with Lafayette's mother, Ruby Jean, in the mental ward - that was one of those scenes that's hard to shake off after writing it. I feel protective of our characters after all these years, and a part of me didn't want Lafayette to have to hear these things from his own mother... even just typing them made me want to shower.  But I love that arc because we walk away with a deeper understanding of who Lafayette is, what motivates him... how and why he became the fabulous creature he is now... and in a way, what a miracle it is that  he survived all that with as much sanity as he has.   It's exciting that 3 years into the show we  still find opportunities to dig deeper and reveal new facets of these characters.  And that's what excites me most about True Blood -  beneath the fangs and bloody pecs, the show is really all about character." - Raelle Tucker