VISUAL EFFECTS! (According to Jon Massey, VFX Supervisor)

By Gianna Sobol



WHERE IT TAKES PLACE: Either in the big conference room where the Concept and Production meetings take place or in the director’s office.

WHO ATTENDS: The Director, Writer, Exec Producer, Director of Photography, Eric Northman, 1st AD, 2nd AD, the VFX Supervisor, VFX Producer and Bill Compton. Eric and Bill sometimes show up because they want to make sure we get their blood tears and fangs right and the vamp speeds look cool; although you would think they would do their own vampire effects by now.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: This is where we get to blow things up. Wait, that's the Special Effects meeting. Visual Effects, if you didn't already know, are all of the digital effects that go in during postproduction, not to be confused with Special Effects that are done on location during the shoot. This meeting comes after the Concept Meeting but before the Production Meeting. We go over all of the visual effects in the show that we have covered in the Concept Meeting, but go into much greater detail about how the effects will be choreographed and filmed so that we can put them together in the post process. This is also the time that we will look at visual references so that we can design the look of an effect. Sometimes this meeting will be combined with either Special Effects or Stunts or Make Up Effects or all of the above, as much of the work we do is integrated with the other departments. Those fangs and blood tears live in the real world as much as the digital world.