Beautifully Broken


By Gianna Sobol

This Sunday, HBO is re-airing episode 2 from last season, 'Beautifully Broken.' According to writer Raelle Tucker, "This was one of the most difficult stories I'd had to figure out in my four years on 'True Blood.' I wrote three completely different versions of this script. In one version, Eric tricked Sookie into a surprise date at Fangtasia. He had a metal band serenade her and Ginger had prepared a feast of tube top sandwiches. Another version had Sam's mother, Melinda Mickens, turn into a goat. I have no idea why anymore. We call figuring out an episode breaking story... and this one had been such a bitch to break, that when I came across this song 'Beautifully Broken,' I thought it was the perfect title."