The Guy With All the Memos

Meet the Assistants

By Gianna Sobol


NAME: Alex Sobotowski

TITLE: Office Production Assistant

WHAT HE’S BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: With all the poor weather recently, there have been a lot of shooting changes, so we've been dealing with new schedules and making sure they get distributed to cast and crew. Not to mention, there's always new script pages, deal memos, and cast lists coming out, along with tech and locations scouts, concept and production meetings and table reads to prepare for. There's always a lot going on at once.

WEIRDEST THING HE’S HAD TO DO: Once I had to help out on stage and guard a set of stairs that led up to the rafters. Basically, I had to sit in the dark at the top of the stage for most of the day, and nobody even tried to climb up. Some people saw me alone up there and it definitely looked strange that I was hiding in the darkness for the entire shooting day.

DREAM JOB: Writer/Producer -- I've always wanted to contribute to the creative direction of a show. But if I were to pick something out of this industry, I'd say marine biologist. It looks like a fun job and animals love me.