The Truth About Table Reads... from Brit Morgan

By Gianna Sobol


GS:What is your favorite part about table reads?

BM: I love getting to hear all the actors bring the characters to life. Especially the people I never work with. It may seem like just a table read, but everyone is so talented, it ends up being really funny and entertaining.

GS: Any particularly fond memories?

BM: Hmm... None at the top of my head. I'm usually so nervous, I can barely think straight! I sat next to Kristin Bauer last week and she said, "Gosh, aren't these so nerve-wracking?!" And I just took the biggest sigh of relief, knowing I'm not the only one who gets nervous about them!

GS: Do you have a regular seat?

BM: It seems to change a little every week, but I am always across from Alcide and somewhere near Sookie.

GS: Do you prepare for the reads or just go in blindly?

BM: I do prepare a little. I think I'm still so amazed that I'm on this show and I respect the people I'm working with so much, that I always want to do a good job. I don't do a full on "performance," but I definitely have a strong idea of what I'm going in with.