What You Haven't Read About PaleyFest...

By Gianna Sobol

If you weren't at PaleyFest, chances are you've read the extensive coverage from Alan and the cast about what to expect in season 4.  But here are a few things I caught backstage:

Alan Ball's Favorite Moment:

"Chris Bauer's story about when he thought he was getting asked for an autograph, but it was actually a man telling him he had bird s**t on his back."

Overheard in the Green Room:

While the clip reel played for the PaleyFest audience, the cast and their guests huddled backstage to watch on a little screen of their own.  When they showed clips of Eric with his long hair from season 1, another cast member turned to Alexander Skarsgard and said, "You miss the wig, right?"  Everyone laughed, knowing he does not miss the wig.

Andy Bellefleur’s John Hancock:

In the green room, the Paley Center set up a few posters and comic books for the cast to sign.  In spite of claiming on stage that he rarely gets recognized (see above),Chris Bauer has clearly perfected his autograph...