Alan Ball and Cast to Speak on PaleyFest Panel

By Gianna Sobol

This Saturday, sixteen of our cast members, as well as Alan, are planning to convene at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills to dish about the latest and greatest True Blood news at the William S. Paley Television Festival Some of what you've been waiting to hear will be shared... But plenty of what you’ve been waiting to hear will NOT be shared.  We like to keep our secrets, well, secret.

I grabbed a few minutes on set today with Kristin Bauer von Straten (also known as "Pam") to see if she had any PaleyFest plans.  Of course the first thought that came to her mind was "What am I going to wear?" But once she got that out of her system, she was mostly excited to celebrate the success of the show. "I've heard it's rare that a show is asked back twice.  And I love when we get the whole cast together. It's always fun at our table reads, but with this panel, it's amazing and different to see the fans and hear their reactions. When we're on set, it's like we're in a little Petri dish.  It's fun to get out there and see how it lands." It's true, when you're in the thick of production, it can be hard to picture the final product and how it will be received.  But Kristin’s biggest fear?  "I hope I don't say anything stupid!"

For those of you who will be attending, I'll see you there! For those who can't make it, check for live tweets of the event!