The Guy With All the Dailies

Meet the Assistants

By Gianna Sobol


NAME: Matt Belanger

TITLE: Post Production Assistant

WHAT HE'S BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: Aside from planning a wedding with my lovely fiancé, Tiffany, I've been gearing up for the busy season coming up in March/April/May when we'll have anywhere from 8 to 10 episodes in various stages of progress.  As you know, the show is very Special Effect intensive, so the time it takes for one episode, from editor’s cut to HBO Delivery, can vary drastically.  Since we are still shooting, I continue to bounce back and forth between the office and Technicolor, where we digitize the footage.  I take the digital copies and produce more copies with initials for security to give to the various heads of departments.  Basically, the lobby at Technicolor and my car are where I live most days.  Thankfully, there is XM Radio, and Opening Day for the Red Sox is right around the corner!

WEIRDEST THING HE'S HAD TO DO: The weirdest thing for True Blood that I've had to do thus far is Temp ADR/Foley for the Viking fight flashback last season.  I'm usually typecast as a Redneck (Hot Shot or otherwise) or Andy Bellefleur, but on this special occasion I was asked to go beyond my hick accent.  My boss, Tim Stormer, and I were lunging at each other with invisible swords, grunting and yelling in a small edit bay, fighting invisible werewolves. Just another day in True Blood Post!  The professionals creating the final mix for the show must have laughed hard at the attempt.  It was great fun and actually shed some light onto a future career path I'm looking to follow, Foley mixing or artistry.

DREAM JOB: Foley or sound mixing for Pixar.