The Girl Who Keeps the Cast and Crew Happy

Meet the Assistants

By Gianna Sobol


NAME: Danika Brysha

TITLE: Set Production Assistant

WHAT SHE'S BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: "We have been filming on location and the common factor seems to be mud.  I have been trying to work as hard as possible while still managing to not fall down in any massive mud puddles and bring any actors down with me.  Also just doing my everyday tasks which include: Taking care of "first team" (any actors working for the day), making sure people are quiet and do not walk through any shots while filming, keeping the director and pretty much the whole crew happy, and any other little tasks that come up along the way.  (And there are A LOT of those)"

WEIRDEST THING SHE'S HAD TO DO: "I had to wear a black glove and pretend I was a panther arm while 'clawing' at an actor.  Shielding paparazzi from taking photos is always somewhat awkward as well if that comes up."

DREAM JOB: "I'm still thinking about exactly which path I'm going to go down but as of today it is directing or working on the creative side of producing.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see."