By Gianna Sobol

THE MEETING: Casting Sessions


WHO ATTENDS: Alan Ball, Casting Directors Libby Goldstein and Junie Lowry-Johnson, Casting Associate Lisa Soltau, the writer and director of each episode and, of course, the actors

WHAT IT'S ABOUT (according to Emmy®-winning Casting Director Libby Goldstein): "Each episode has new characters, some who appear only in that episode and others who will have multiple episode arcs.  Once each episode's prep is underway, we have actors come in and read the 'sides,' which are pages taken from the script.  What's unique about True Blood casting is that Alan Ball attends every session, no matter how big or small the part, whether it's a series regular or a role with only one line.  In fact, we have a casting session for a role with no lines coming up and Alan will be there."