Getting To Know Luna

By Gianna Sobol

This season is full of new characters. Here is a quick meet-and-greet with one of our newest cast members, Janina Gavankar.

Gianna: Can you tell us about your role on the show? Who are you? Where do you come from? What's in store for your character this season?

Janina: I play Luna.  I grew up on Navajo Nation, and I'm now a schoolteacher.  I refuse to tell you much more. I really don't know much yet, because you guys haven't told me anything, but I suspect that things are about to get a liiiitle crazy for me here in Bon Temps.


Mark Sullivan / WireImage.comGianna: What has it been like being the new kid around?  Most of our cast has been working together for four seasons now and I know they're fairly close-knit!

Janina: Everyone is HORRIBLE!  Kidding kidding!!  So far, I've really only worked with Sam.  I don't see much of the cast, except at table reads.  I actually had the same exact situation with The L Word.  I joined the cast in their fourth season, so I'm used to being the freshman in a high school of seniors.  Of course I'm incredibly respectful of the fact that this insanely talented cast and crew have created a hit show together.  I just feel lucky they're letting me show up and play with them!

Gianna: Any set stories you can share with us?

Janina: Hmmm... What won't give any secrets away?  Well I can tell you, on my second day of work, we were doing a night shoot in the freezing cold.  It was a bit like being thrown into the deep end.  The crew was so sweet and sympathetic as we were shivering.  It was like "Welcome to True Blood!"

Gianna: What do you think the fans will most look forward to in the Luna storyline?

Janina: I think they'll enjoy watching a nice girl from outside of Bon Temps fall for Sam Merlotte.  I know there are plenty of fans who would love him to find a nice girl... Luna could be that person!

Gianna: Were you a fan of the show before you joined?  If so, who's your favorite character and what's your favorite storyline?

Janina: I wasn't!  I'd only seen bits and pieces.  As soon as I knew I'd be joining the show, I marathoned the whole shebang.  Favorite character?  I LOVE Lafayette.  He's a survivalist, he's fiercely protective, and he calls it like it is.  Nelsan is kind of a genius too... there's that. Haha!

Gianna: Team Bill or Team Eric?

Janina: Ooooh... Team Bill.