Secrets of the Set: Things You Didn't Know About Gran's House

By Gianna Sobol

According to Suzuki Ingerslev, our esteemed Production Designer, several of the crew's family heirlooms were incorporated into the Old Stackhouse Place – crocheted items, pill bottles, toilet paper covers, afghans, etc.  Some of the Stackhouse family photos up on the wall are actually shots of Suzuki's own family, as well as show creator Alan Ball's family.  Actress Lois Smith also donated several pictures.  But many of these memories were destroyed in the Maenad attack.

This here is a shot of Alan Ball's mom from the 1930s.  "I like having her on set," Alan said, "there is a picture of my mom and dad and brothers on the piano, and my Uncle Bud is over the fireplace in the dining room."