The Way to Hoyt's Heart: A Valentine’s Day Q&A with Jim Parrack

By Gianna Sobol

We gave actor Jim Parrack a little Valentine's Day survey, here's what he had to say...

1. Best Valentine's Day memory?

Best Memory??  How about most vivid?  I remember in eighth grade, there was this girl, Ashley Ziehm, that I was nuts for.  I begged my mom to let me have a bottle of perfume that she didn't want so I could give it to Ashley.  So Ma gave it to me and I half-assed wrapped it and on Valentine's Day, mustered up the courage to give to Ashley.  She looks at it and says, "Why's this open?? What did you take this from your Mom or something?"  And she and all her friends laughed.  So I thought, I've gotta have some cool way outta this and told her, "Naw, know, I was at the mall the other day and was thinking about you, so I stole


it from the counter."  I was sure this would impress, but her face fell and she said, "You're better than that Jimmy. I can't take it now that I know it's stolen."  I have tried very hard not to care about Valentine's Day ever since.

2. Worst Valentine's Day memory?

Well, the year I moved to Los Angeles, I was really floundering around in Austin and was penniless, loveless and totally stagnant.  My good buddy had a girl he was in love with and went out and got a suit and made dinner reservations for the two of 'em.  I called every single girl I knew, and a bunch I didn't, and tried to get them to come over and watch a movie with me and drink.  No one answered, and I felt so low and wrote about it in my diary.  Then I watched The Usual Suspects and pretended that I wrote it as I watched along. And the fact that when the movie was over, so was Valentine's Day, hit me hard and I drank and vowed to do something with my life...

3. Any special plans for Valentine's Day this year?

I am getting a dog sitter, kidnapping my wife Ciera and locking the door. ;)

4. If you were writing the episode, how would Hoyt celebrate Valentine's Day with Jessica?

If I were writing an episode for a Hoyt and Jess V-day, I would have him drive her to New Orleans, catch the Red Eye to NYC, check us into the Waldorf Astoria and sleep all the day side by side with the shades drawn.  And then we'd wake up together, take on a Vampire sleep schedule and just be a couple of love birds from the country in the big city.  We'd savor the freedom that we crave and relish the fact that no one would know us or our situation.  And then we'd have lots of bloody sex...